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Clean tracks through bioremediation


Green cleaning

MOG Green Technologies provides leading technologies, products and methods for large-scale treatment of oil sludge, oil contaminated soils and other substrates. As a pioneer in the industry we offer 100% environmentally-friendly applications.


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The foundation for a longstanding success story

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What we do

Natural dedication

Anthropogenic load on soil and water with crude oils and oil products is one of the biggest threats to ecosystems today. Demand for waste oil processing is constantly growing.

MOG is the leading supplier worldwide covering the treatment of complex oil sludge including the extraction (recovery) of hydrocarbons as well as the hydrocarbon destruction by chemicals or the bioremediation of waste in one process chain.


Scientific Approach

Our solutions are based on a combination of up-to-date physical, chemical and biochemical technologies, ensuring full environmental safety. The methods we deploy are primarily based on natural processes.

As far as hydrocarbons shall not be totally decomposed, cleansed water and soil, recovered during the decontamination of oil-contaminated sources, are returned to the environment without affecting the ecosystem. The recovered oil products can be used for further processing and petrochemical synthesis.

MOG’s unique technologies, products and methods have been developed in Europe and all research is performed at the company’s in-house laboratories as well as in cooperation with various leading universities.

Who we are

Professional passion

The people behind the company are as important as the company itself. We are scientists, engineers, business professionals. We are environmentalists, happy to serve our clients with professional tailor-made services and personal passion.


Günther Villing
Günther VillingPresident
Bernd Sydow
Bernd SydowCEO
Dr. Alex Mojon
Dr. Alex MojonChief Scientific Officer
Dr. Uri Stoin
Dr. Uri StoinChief Chemistry
Tatiana Dudnik
Tatiana DudnikDirector MOG Ukraine
Dr. Nikolai Gora
Dr. Nikolai GoraChief Technologies
Dr. Sergey Isakov
Dr. Sergey IsakovChief Tech Dev
Dr. Evgeny Badalov
Dr. Evgeny BadalovEngineer
Our approach

Environmental Policy

Most existing procedures of oil-sludge utilization are insufficient. They are expensive and often the toxic waste resulting from the recovery and utilization process exceeds by far the volume of the polluted sludge.

To change this pattern MOG Green Technologies has developed eco-friendly and sustainable methods and technologies for the treatment of oil sludge and oil contaminated soils followed by bioremediation.

Protecting the environment and helping our clients in doing so are the core values that carry our research, services and daily work. Since the founding of our company we have never failed to live up to our commitment.

Technology Comparison

Many of the procedures used for sludge treatment today are outdated, inefficient or no longer meet legal requirements. They are either environmentally unsustainable or technologically complex and expensive. Waste products have to be further treated or disposed of in landfills. Other methods use expensive chemicals or complex machinery, making them economically unattractive. The following table compares MOG’s technologies with the most frequently used methods.

Feature / TechnologyDecontaminationIncinerationPyrolysisDecanter/TricanterMOG
Complex technological processminusminusminusminusplus
Eco-friendly end products
Sludge cakeminusminusminusminusplus
Sludge cake processedplusminusminusminusplus
High performanceminusminusplusplusplus
Full process automationminusplus
Individual approachplusminusminusminusplus
Highly effective preparationsplusminusminusplusplus
Absence of unsafe preparationsminusplusplusplusplus
Use of separated products
Sludge cakeplusminusminusminusplus
Wide variety of processed slugdeminusplusplusplusplus
Safety (no fire or explosions)plusminusminusplusplus
Use of aboriginal microfloraplusminusminusminusplus
Environmental safetyplusminusminusplusplus
No need for additional equipmentplusminusminusminusplus