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The innovative and patented NHS+ solution for the remediation of hydrocarbon contamination sites, has been developed by MOG R&D division in the year 2013. According to efficiency assessment tests that have been carried out in cooperation with renowned Western universities and institutes, the solution shows high cleaning efficiency. Specifically, the results - confirmed by a variety of experts – indicate complete hydrocarbon elimination, along with the elimination of alkenes, alkanes and paraffins, including chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), 2-Methoxy-2-methylpropan (MTBE), Perchloroethilene (PER) and similar environment-contaminating chemicals.

NHS+ decomposes completely hydrocarbon molecules of oil contaminated substrates (various kinds of solid surfaces, soil, cake etc.) due to the quick and efficient super-oxidation of the two Reagents, and leaving only O2, H2O, Na2CO3 and carbon black particles – all of which can be left on site or simply washed away without any environmental impact.

Based on the characteristics of the product, NHS+ is ideally suited for time-critical or emergency oil spill response measures.


  • Ecological compatibility
  • Ultra-short term solution
  • Efficiency
  • Individual solution
  • Complex technology
  • Mobility
  • Prevents emergence of further waste
  • Complete destruction of hydrocarbons
  • Low costs